Lifting Simulator Auto Farm Script

Published: 25.10.2021
Reading time: 10 minutes

Lifting Simulator is one of the projects of the most popular game platform Roblox. The essence of the game is to power improvement of his character. The main task of the player - to become the strongest jock on the server. But it is not easy, because you do not play with bots, and with real players who will overthrow you if you show the slightest weakness.

Each character in the game has three main characteristics:

  • Health - which determines the survivability of your character, the more health, the stronger the blow the character can hold.
  • Strength - which determines the strength of your hit, the stronger the strength, the more damage you can inflict on your opponent.
  • Genetic - this is your maximum development potential. The better the genetics, the bigger and stronger the strength limit of your character.

There is an in-game currency in the rocking simulator - Coins (coins). In order to earn them you need to swing. To rock in the game you lift different objects, starting from a pencil and ending with huge trucks. For each lifting of an object your strength increases, and coins are added. The number of coins you get directly depends on what you swing, the heavier the object, the more gold you get for swinging. For coins you can buy better swinging equipment, and you can also buy a better genome.

In the game, each character is at a certain stage of development.

You need to defeat bosses. The stronger the boss you defeat, the higher your stage. The stage determines how fast you can move, how much power you get and how much gold you get.

How the Lifting Simulator cheat works

In order to gain advantages over other players, some people use cheats for roblox. By cheats we mean various scripts for this mode, which are activated by injectors. For example, you can use the injector Proxo. Cheat for Lifting Simulator allows the player to use:

  • AutoFarm - the character starts unrealistically fast pumping. Kachka carried out in automatic mode.When you reach the maximum limit of force, it automatically exchanges it for coins.
  • Anti Afk - Deceives the system, which can not see that you apk.

A what would install the cheat you need:

  1. Download the archive with the cheat.
  2. Install the injector, or use your own.
  3. Inject the script, after which you will have a menu with the cheat.
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