Roblox Blox Fruits AutoFarm GUI

Published: 21.10.2021
Reading time: 5 minutes

Blox Fruits is a mode in Roblox, in which the player can pump his character, playing for two factions in the game. To become a master swordsman, the player will have to deal with the destruction of mobs on the game map, but also in the game there are bosses, for the passage of which the player can get a generous reward in the game.

Cheat functions:

In the cheat for blox fruits you can find such useful features for the playthrough, such as:

  • Auto Farm - a script for the automatic farming of nps in the game. You can farm animals in the game, as well as in-game nps. It is desirable to choose mobs that are weaker than the player on the level.
  • Collect Chest - automatic collection of rewards from the chests on the map.
  • InfStamina - infinite stamina.
  • AntiAFK - after activation you will no longer be kicked from the server, if you go away from the keyboard for a long time.
  • FruitSniper.
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